Road Closures in Jamestown
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JAMESTOWN – The City Engineer's Office announced on Tuesday afternoon that continuing throughout the week, the following areas will be closed in Jamestown:

People With Disabilities are an Important Workforce Resource
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BISMARCK, N.D. (Heather Steffl) – Employers competing for workers in North Dakota’s tight labor market where the unemployment rate hovers around two percent cannot afford to lose experienced employees, especially due to permanent injuries or impairments. The Department of Human Services’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) team is available to help employers retain current employees and connect with qualified applicants.

October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month
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BISMARCK, ND (submitted) - October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month.  Central Valley Health District and the North Dakota Department of Health are partnering to provide information and resources for caregivers and community members to promote safe infant sleep strategies to reduce the risk of SIDS.

JRMC Named One of Top Employers in Nation
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Accepting on behalf of JRMC (l to r): Abby Morken, Ricki Ramlo, Stacey Pesek 
JAMESTOWN, ND (Katie Ryan-Anderson)  — Modern Healthcare named Jamestown Regional Medical Center one of the Best Places to Work in 2017.

Associated Press News Summaries for Saturday
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Associated Press news summaries for North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

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  • Cattle Prices Holding Steady
    Cattle prices have held fairly steady over the past couple months. Napoleon Livestock co-owner Jim Bitz says there is still an interest in heavy cattle due to feed supplies. "We're pushing through 4000-to-5000 head a week. Prices have been within a couple bucks of each other since January. Our heavy (900 pound) calves have been selling real well. That goes back to having extra grain to feed." Napoleon Livestock has been holding stock cow and bred heifer sales as well. "Younger cows and bred heifers brought about $1800-to-$1850. That's a good price for what the cow market is right now," says Bitz.
  • Expanding Beef's Global Footprint
    In 2017, U.S. beef exports saw a new value record of $7.27 billion. Export value per head of fed slaughter cattle exceeded $286, up nine percent from the 2016 average. U.S. Meat Export Federation CEO Dan Halstrom says while beef exports face some challenges, increased production is an opportunity for expansion. "World growth is estimated at over three percent for 2018. The real driver is global consumption of protein. Beef consumption is slowly, but steadily growing around the world, especially in larger Asian markets."
  • Time is Ticking for ELD Waiver
    About less then 30 days remain in the 90-day Electronic Logging Device waiver for livestock haulers. There is still no permanent solution in place. The Department of Transportation has yet to review the livestock hauling petition filed in September of 2017, which would allow exemption up to five years. Being located in the most northern part of the United States, North Dakota Stockmen’s Association President Warren Zenker says an ELD exemption is essential. "I trucked for a number of years. When you leave the Rugby/Minot area, it's virtually impossible to get to Nebraska or Iowa the allotted hours of service." Zenker says since the issue is federally regulated, all 50 states would have to follow to same exemptions. "There is a 150 mile radius from your destination that is exempt. There's talk of an additional 150 miles from the point of arrival."  
  • Ward County Farm Groups Seek Justice
    Earlier this month, Ward County Farm Bureau and Ward County Farmers Union filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the Board of Ward County Commissioners, The lawsuit cites private property takings without due process and just compensation. NDFB President Daryl Lies says right now, it’s a wait and see situation. "They've spent the last couple years trying to work with the commissioners to change the land donation policy. So now there are over 4200 members requesting a judge to determine if it's unconstitutional or not." Through the Takings Clause, the Constitution does allow land utilization for a clear public need. However, Lies says forcing and donating don’t belong in the same sentence. "Especially when there's no direct need. There is a way for the takings of property, but it has to be a clear and definite public need, go through due process and be compensated."
  • Prop 65 Case Being Heard in Court
    A preliminary injunction regarding Proposition 65 is being presented in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California on Tuesday. Prop 65 would require products containing glyphosate in California to carry a label linking the herbicide to cancer. The injunction would hault implementation of the label until a final ruling is decided by the court. Joined by a coaltition of agriculture groups, the National Association of Wheat Growers is the lead plaintiff in the case.
  • Biden to Speak at ND Democratic Convention
    Former Vice President Joe Biden will be the keynote speaker at the North Dakota Democratic Convention next month. Biden will also appear on behalf of Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who is seeking a second six-year term. The convention runs March 15-18 in Grand Forks.  
  • DOC Releases Steel and Aluminum Investigation Report
    The U.S. Department of Commerce is recommending heavy tariffs and quotas on foreign producers of steel and aluminum. Reports from the Section 232 investigation found that quantities and circumstances of steel and aluminum imports are a threat to national security. The recommendations include a 24 percent global tariff on steel imports, and a 7.7 percent tariff on aluminum imports. The reports are currently under consideration by President Donald Trump, with a decision on the required by mid-April.
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