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James River Cafe Opens at State Heritage Center
October 22

BISMARCK – Bismarck-Mandan’s newest restaurant, the James River Café, has opened at the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum. The café is managed by Edgar and Isabel Oliveira, owners of t...(more)

Sidewalk Closed in Downtown Jamestown
October 21

FROM the JAMESTOWN CITY ENGINEER'S OFFICE: Beginning TODAY, Tuesday, October 21, portions of the sidewalk at the SE corner of 2nd Ave SW and 1st St West will be closed/restricted to pedestrians during...(more)

Carrington Officials: Call Before You Burn
October 21

CARRINGTON - Carrington fire officials says they're frustrated with several recent calls to respond to blazes that turned out to be controlled burns. Carrington Volunteer Fire and Rescue says in a pub...(more)

NDFU President Responds to Latest COOL Ruling
October 21

(JAMESTOWN, ND) – North Dakota Farmers Union (NDFU) said today’s ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) will keep the important U.S. law in
place but ...(more)

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Farm News

Sun, 12 Oct 2014

Soybean Yields Good, But Not Great
Tue, 21 Oct 2014

Envision Co-op agronomy manager Carter Medalen says soybean yields have been good but not great in the Rugby, North Dakota area. “Our best yields look like they were at the front side of the planting season. I know we went through a dry stretch and I think that stole a little bit of that later crop’s thunder. Also, they were a little behind when we got our frost so I think they touched up at the top of the plant and didn’t finish off the pods at the top.” Medalen thinks most farmers will wait to harvest corn until it dries down some more.
Southern Minn Wraps Up Sugarbeet Harvest
Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative finished harvest Monday. Vice President of Agriculture Todd Geselius says favorable weather made for a good harvest, but beet yields were not quite as big as expected. “When we started getting in to some of these fields we thought were the mid to upper-20s, they turned out to be lower to mid-20s. Our tons this year are going to come in right around 22 tons.” Geselius says sugar content is a little low. “We’re going to end up around 15.85 or 15.9.”
Hail and Wet Ground Lower Yields by Hillsboro
Tue, 21 Oct 2014

Hillsboro, North Dakota farmer Mike Beltz was harvesting his last quarter of soybeans Monday. “Most guys are on their last third or fourth and some guys are done. The twist with us is we had hail that set us back. We had to wait for it to freeze and then dry down.” Beltz says his soybean yields are below average, due to the combination of late planting, saturated ground and hail. For those same reasons, he is not that optimistic about his corn crop. “The question is going to be what it’s going to average for test weight. It’ll be light. It’s a matter of how light.”
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