John Grabinger Running for U.S. House

JAMESTOWN – State Senator John Grabinger of Jamestown is running for the U.S. House.  The 54-year old Democrat is in his second term in the North Dakota Senate.  Before that, he served two terms on the Jamestown City Council.  Grabinger considers himself a middle-of-the-road Democrat and says healthcare is one of the most important issues.  He’ll face Ben Hanson in the competition for the Democratic/NPL nomination for the House race.

The race was created when current Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer announced he would seek to unseat current Democratic U.S. Senator Hiedi Heitkamp.  Grabinger told the Jamestown Sun that he had been weighing a race for the House for about a year, ever since his wife raised the idea while he was expressing his dislike for how things were going in Washington, D.C.