City Council Holds Special Session to Discuss Stormwater Utility

The Jamestown City Council held a special session on Thursday to continue discussion over a stormwater utility to find operation, maintenance, and upgrades to the stormwater system in Jamestown.

According to the Jamestown Sun, Kevin Smith, Operations Manage of AE2S, told the council that the utility needs to generate approximately $500,000 per year by 2021 to cover the ongoing expenses and maintenance. Smith also says that the new utility fee would be a “fair and reasonable way” to pass the cost of maintenance and operation of the stormwater system to the property owners rather than city departments as it currently in place.

Smith also says that other communities in the state that had these utilities in place had rates ranging from $1 per month to over $9 per month.

Jamestown Mayor Katie Anderson said this stormwater utility could be considered during the budgeting process this year and implement sometime in 2019.