Jamestown Residents Head To The Polls Today In JPS Referendum Vote

Voters will take to the polls today to vote on the Jamestown Public Schools Referendum  The special election runs today from 7:00AM – 7:00PM. The polling location is at the Jamestown Civic Center.

Voters must bring proof of birth date and residency with them to the polls; this may include a North Dakota driver’s license or ID card, an ID issued by a tribal government, ID issued by the North Dakota Secretary of States Office or a combination of these options.

The language on the ballot will read:

“Shall Jamestown Public School District No. 1, Stutsman County, North Dakota, issue its general obligation school building bonds in the amount not to exceed $34,445,000, maturing within a maximum of 20 years, resulting in an estimated additional millage of 35.71 mills, equal to $35.71 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation for the first taxable year, for the purpose of providing funds, together with any other funds available, to construct an addition to an elementary school; to upgrade and improve the high school athletic field and facilities; to remodel, renovate, improve and equip school buildings and to otherwise maintain, renovate and improve school property.

Voters desiring to vote in favor of said proposition should mark a cross (X) in the space opposite the word “Yes.” Voters desiring to vote against such proposition should mark a cross (X) in the space opposite the word “No.””