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Early Voting Begins Today in Stutsman County
October 20

JAMESTOWN - Early voting for the November general election is available at the Stutsman County Courthouse in Jamestown beginning Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; on Saturday, November 1 from 9 ...(more)

Oakes Man Convicted on Several Counts
October 17

OAKES, N.D. (AP) – An Oakes man who ran his pickup truck into a house earlier this year has been convicted on charges of reckless endangerment and impaired driving, along with drug-related counts. A...(more)

Chief Reuther Offers Carbon Monoxide Tips
October 17

JAMESTOWN - As the outside temperatures drop and winter approaches us, we will be using our furnaces, fireplaces, wood burners and other fuel-burning appliances for many different things. The time is ...(more)

Oakes Police Capture Texas Fugitive
October 16

OAKES, N.D. (AP) – Police in the southeastern North Dakota city of Oakes have arrested a man they say escaped from custody in Texas. Sixty-three-year-old Reymundo Leyva, of Crystal City, Texas, fac...(more)

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Farm News

Combining Corn Around Hillsboro
Mon, 20 Oct 2014

CHS Ag Services Hillsboro location manager Mike Doeden told RRFN on Monday that farmers are just starting to harvest corn. “Yields are above average. The earlier varieties are about 16 percent moisture, which is really good. For the most part, the mid varieties are going to be in the lower 20s right now.” Doeden is expecting average to above average yields. “I’m hearing low 130s up to 160-plus. With the weather cooperating, some guys are holding off on harvesting with propane prices the way they are. It goes through the drier pretty fast when the weather cooperates and when it’s warmer.”
Southern Minn Wraps Up Sugarbeet Harvest
Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative finished harvest Monday. Vice President of Agriculture Todd Geselius says favorable weather made for a good harvest, but beet yields were not quite as big as expected. “When we started getting in to some of these fields we thought were the mid to upper-20s, they turned out to be lower to mid-20s. Our tons this year are going to come in right around 22 tons.” Geselius says sugar content is a little low. “We’re going to end up around 15.85 or 15.9.”
Lower High Temps Arriving Soon
Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Director of the University of North Dakota’s Regional Weather Information Center, Leon Osborne, expects a good end to the harvest season for the Northern Plains. “We will be making a transition as we get into the end of this month and the first part of next month. As we all expect, we’re going to see those temperatures start to plummet. We’re no more than two weeks out from seeing daytime highs only making it into the 20s to low 30s.”
Brazil Expected to Get Some Rain
Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Soybean planting has stalled in parts of Brazil as farmers wait for rain. World Weather, Inc. senior ag meteorologist Drew Lerner sees an increase in shower activity across Brazil through the next two weeks. “It’ll be a slow process. As we get to the last days of October and early November, we should have at least one frontal system that will come through and help enhance the rainfall.” In the upper Midwest, Lerner says weather will continue to be influenced by frequent high pressure ridges aloft which are blocking significant weather events from evolving. Once we get to November, Lerner expects more cold air coming across the northern Plains from Canada. “Because we have a developing El Nino, the odds are relatively good that there will be a new ridge of high pressure over western North America this late autumn and on into the winter. So, there won’t be a lot of cold air on a persistent basis.”
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